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Easily create a variety of animated content, such as short animations, Flash animation, or web videos. Introduction Adobe Flash Animation CC is an application for creating 2D Flash animation and animations that can be distributed on the Web. Animate CC (formerly Adobe Flash Professional CC), like Flash Professional, enables you to create vector-based animations. Vector-based animation is a type of animation where objects are modeled or drawn in a vector format using programs such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Adobe Illustrator. These programs typically use a geometrical system to represent objects, whereas the traditional method is to represent objects with flat geometric shapes. This geometrical system can be modeled and used to animate objects in 2D animation. Flash Professional CC is the version of the application that gives you all the functionality and tools you need to create a wide variety of animations, including animations for the Web and for apps for mobile devices. Flash Professional CC is the latest version of Adobe Flash Professional, and it gives you the same functionality and tools as the previous versions of the application. You can use Flash Professional to create 2D Flash animation and Flash-enabled interactive graphics for use on the Web. The Flash Professional CC features that are covered in this guide are: 2D Flash animation creation Vector animation Sprite animation Creating animations that look like moving pictures Flash Professional is designed to enable you to easily create animation-based solutions that look similar to those made in other animation tools. This guide covers how to create animation and other effects in Animate CC, including: Methods for creating custom animation Creating animation in different ways Creating animation that blends into another scene Creating animation that has multiple layers Creating animations with a path Creating animation with motion Creating animations that have markers Creating animations that contain sound Creating animations that play automatically Creating interactive animations Creating content for mobile devices Achieving the effects of real-world animation Understanding the basic concepts Understanding object behavior Understanding animation and how it is implemented in Flash Understanding animation controls Using interactivity Understanding the behavior of the Flash runtime When you create animation in Flash Professional CC, you can use many different methods to create animations and effects. You can use the Sprite tool to create animations that are similar to those you see in other animation tools



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Download Animasi Flash Swf 20 desmay

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